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Is Your Home Dangerous for Babies & Small Children?

September 8, 2021


Make Sure Your Living Quarters Are a Safe Haven

September is Baby Safety Month, the perfect time to childproof your home or make sure it’s safe. This means making sure you:

  • Cover outlets with clear plastic caps or safety plates
  • Check cords to ensure they’re in good condition
  • Invest in cord holders, which will keep cords in place if they’re yanked
  • Use gates around stairs

We also encourage you to take your childproofing a step further with our help. At Timo’s, we’re on a mission to help you ensure your home is a safe haven—for babies, small children and all occupants.

Delivering a comprehensive menu of indoor air quality and HVAC service to Palm Springs, CA, and nearby, Timo’s offers services designed to protect babies from two of the biggest threats inside homes: temperature extremes and polluted indoor air.

Get the Lowdown on the High Risk of Temperature Extremes

When we get too hot or too cold, our bodies respond to keep our internal temperature within a safe range. But babies can’t regulate their body temperatures as well, which makes them vulnerable to heat-related dangers, such as heat stroke, heat rash, dehydration and heat exhaustion, in hot, humid or unventilated conditions. When it’s too cold, babies use more oxygen—as much as 10 percent more—to keep warm.

How do you protect babies from temperature extremes? By keeping our number handy. At Timo’s, we offer the exceptional heating and cooling services you need to keep your indoor space at the “just right” temperature—always.

Let’s Clear the Air About the Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Is your home tightly sealed and insulated? While this is a great strategy to cut heating and cooling costs, it doesn’t allow your house to “breathe.” The result? Harmful pollutants and contaminants get trapped inside your space where they wreak havoc on the quality of your home’s indoor air. Poor IAQ has a direct impact on your health, triggering coughing and sneezing, heightening the risk of respiratory infections and colds and causing other unpleasant symptoms. But the impact is even worse on babies and small children. Because their immune systems are more vulnerable, consistently breathing in foul air can be especially dangerous for them.

Good thing we have just what you need: IAQ solutions for Palm Desert, CA, homes! Our team of IAQ specialists designs and installs state-of-the-art indoor air quality products and systems that will ensure the air inside of your home is clean, fresh and pollutant-free.

Ensure Your Home Is a Safe Haven With Our Sound Solutions

While it’s important to keep babies safe, it’s also important to keep them healthy and comfortable. Timo’s has you covered with all of these goals.

Whether your HVAC system needs a repair or you’d like us to test the quality of your home’s air, we’d be more than happy to help you. Give us a call at 760.475.9542 or fill out our online form today!

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