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Want to Harvest Total Peace of Mind?

September 16, 2020


’Gourd’ Thing We’re Here to Help!

Our team at Timo’s is kicking off the beginning of fall by helping you harvest complete peace of mind. So, if you want to live discomfort and worry-free for the remainder of this year, it’s important that you tackle these to-dos!

1. Schedule a Preseason Tune-Up for Your Heating System

Is your heating system prepared for California’s cooler weather? It may seem strange to think about heating your home when California’s weather is still hot. However, warm weather is actually the ideal time to schedule heating maintenance in Palm Desert, CA, because you don’t need to have the heating system running right now. This means you can relax comfortably inside your air-conditioned home while our pros take care of providing your system with the TLC it needs to operate without disruption.

We’re often asked if scheduling a preseason tune-up every year is necessary.  The answer is yes! While there’s no written rule requiring you to have your system professionally inspected and cared for annually, the benefits speak for themselves. Staying on top of your unit’s wellbeing:

  • Stops small problems before they escalate into larger issues, preventing emergency breakdowns
  • Leads to fewer repairs
  • Results in more reliable system operation
  • Enhances your system’s efficiency
  • Adds years to your equipment’s lifespan
  • Retains energy- and cost-efficient operation
  • Promotes healthier indoor air quality
  • … And more!

Plus, regular maintenance is important for keeping your unit’s warranty current. Many HVAC units’ warranties require service by a certified HVAC contractor once a year to keep them valid. Failing to do so can void the warranty, leaving you stuck paying out of pocket for an expensive replacement that should have been covered.

2. Defend Your Home Against Harmful Airborne Contaminants & Allergens!

For your home to be considered truly comfortable, you need to do more than keep your space at the ideal temperature. You also need to take the quality of your home’s indoor air into consideration.

Here’s why. Buried in a home’s air are tiny particles that threaten the safety and quality of your indoor air—and the health of you and your family. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found the quality of indoor air to be two to five times—and up to 100 times—more hazardous than outdoor air. The EPA also reported that 50% of all illnesses are caused or aggravated by unhealthy indoor air.

At Timo’s, we offer the IAQ systems and products you need to achieve the clean, healthy indoor air you deserve. Our IAQ solutions are capable of addressing any indoor air problems you may be facing, including:

  • Biological pollutants like mold, bacteria & viruses
  • Radon & asbestos
  • Secondhand smoke
  • Combustion & fireplace pollutants
  • Formaldehyde & other chemicals
  • … And more!

Do you suffer from allergies in the fall? You’re not alone! The beginning of fall marks the start of weed pollen season, which leaves many Californians battling sneezing, itchy eyes and other allergy symptoms. However, allergy relief is only an installation away! That’s right. Our IAQ solutions not only leave your air healthier and cleaner, they also remove pollen, spores, dust, pet dander and other allergens from your home, turning your safe haven into an allergy-free safe zone, too!

We’re the Team You Can Fall Back On!

Don’t wait another day to secure the comfy, healthy home you deserve. To learn more about our IAQ solutions or to schedule an appointment for a preseason tune-up or other air conditioning or heating service in Palm Springs, CA, fill out our online form or call us at 760.475.9542 today!

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