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January 13, 2020


See How to Make 2020 Perfectly Clear of Comfort Problems

With Timo’s on your side, discomfort is so last year! Here’s why.

It costs less to maintain equipment than to repair it. Yet, 90 percent of heating repairs in Palm Desert, CA, are caused by a lack of TLC. At Timo’s, we’re committed to ending system neglect—which is why we created our Timo’s Advantage Plan. This preventive maintenance plan makes it easier and more affordable to stay on top of your HVAC unit’s maintenance needs. Giving your HVAC unit the proper care it requires will reduce your risk of a breakdown or other system problems that result in discomfort!

Resolve to make peace of mind a priority in 2020 by joining Timo’s Advantage Plan.

What Can You Expect With Your Membership?

Protect your heating and cooling investment and your family’s wellbeing with this semi-annual maintenance program. It is designed to provide your unit with a thorough system inspection twice a year to keep it in tip-top shape, lower costly repair risks, reduce your utility bills and preserve your family’s health, comfort and safety—at a budget-friendly price.

During a checkup, we’ll perform vital preventive maintenance tasks, which include:

  • Performing a system test & safety check: We’ll conduct a thorough safety inspection of your entire HVAC system to ensure it’s operating like it should—safely and efficiently.
  • Changing or cleaning your unit’s filter: A dust- and debris-filled filter restricts airflow, forcing your unit to use more energy and effort to keep your home comfortable. Replacing or cleaning a clogged or dirty air filter will optimize its airflow and improve its efficiency.
  • Conducting a full mechanical inspection & cleaning: We’ll thoroughly inspect your system for aging or problem parts, check oil and refrigerant levels, look for leaks and perform a thorough cleaning of your unit.
  • Lubricating moving parts: After we clean and inspect your HVAC unit, our technicians will lubricate its motors and bearings, closely adhering to the manufacturer’s product and frequency recommendations.
  • … And more!

As a Timo’s Advantage Plan member, you’ll also enjoy:

  • Significant energy savings: We’ll address any performance issues preventing your system from operating in the most energy- and cost-efficient manner.
  • Priority service: You’ll receive fast, priority scheduling for repair and installation calls.
  • Exclusive member discounts: Save 20 percent on all repairs, 50 percent on diagnostic fees and a discounted rate for multiple-system maintenance agreements. While membership does not cover the cost of “as-needed” service work, it provides members with special price breaks.
  • Reminders for scheduling service: We’ll call to remind you when it‘s time for your unit’s checkup. When scheduling your service, we’ll work around your schedule.
  • Added years to your system’s lifespan: Maintenance checkups allow us to pinpoint potential concerns before they turn into major repairs that could cost you money and diminish your unit’s life expectancy.

Together, We Can Make the Most Out of This Year

Start your HVAC unit off on the right foot this year. From joining Timo’s Advantage Plan to scheduling an air conditioning or heating repair in Rancho Mirage and beyond, fill out our online form or call us at 760.475.9542 today!

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