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Struggling to Find the Positives in 2020?

August 14, 2020


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Your home has always been your safe haven. But, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become so much more. For many of us, home is now our office, our gym, our Friday night hang-out spot and, depending on the latest government directives, the only place we can eat indoors.

While being confined to our homes for all of these activities has been challenging, doing so was critical to slow the spread of the coronavirus. And, as things began opening up, it all felt worth it! Unfortunately, just as normalcy seemed within reach, California’s cases of COVID-19 began to rise. This recent turn of events means we may find ourselves veering back to lockdown—again.

At Timo’s, we know how hard it is to hear this news. But our team is committed to helping our customers find comfort—which, right now, means doing more than providing expert AC repairs, maintenance and air conditioning replacements in Rancho Mirage, CA, and beyond. It requires helping everyone see the bright side of spending so much time at home. So that’s just what we’re going to do.

On the positive side, staying home means…

Continuing to Engage in More Family Time

Before COVID-19, there was always someplace to go or somewhere to be. But then, this on-the-go lifestyle came to a halt. Suddenly, we had nowhere to go and only one place to be—home. This new normal helped remind us of what is important in life—and that’s family. Suddenly, we found ourselves prioritizing our loved ones and spending more time together—a change many of us so desperately needed.

Use this time to embrace the family-first lifestyle. Dedicate at least one night of the week to family time. From cooking together to game night and more, turn this situation into a family tradition.

Getting Around to Things You’ve Been Meaning to Do

From getting rid of clothes you no longer wear to organizing your junk drawer, everyone has one or more items on their to-do list that always take a backseat. Whether it’s because more pressing matters arise or you choose to put other chores first, the reason why you haven’t crossed off those tasks isn’t what matters. What’s important is you now have the time to get them done. No excuses!

Need some ideas? Give these a try:

  • Organize your photos into photo albums.
  • Give away, donate or get rid of clothes you no longer need.
  • Try making a favorite family recipe passed down from your grandma or another relative.
  • Turn your ever-growing junk drawer into an organized resource.

Need motivation? Find ways to turn these must-dos into good deeds. For example, if you’re getting rid of luggage, don’t just throw it away. Consider donating it to your local foster care agency. Often, foster kids move from place to place, using garbage bags, pillow cases or other nondescript containers to carry their possessions. Your luggage could help make things easier and less impersonal.

Take Comfort in the Coachella Valley’s HVAC Pros!

Whatever discomfort this pandemic may bring your way, our team of HVAC contractors in Palm Desert, CA, is here to help you find comfort within your home. To schedule air conditioning service or a preventive maintenance tune-up for your heating system, fill out our online form or call us at 760.475.9542 today!

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