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Not Sure How to Keep That Ductless Room Comfy?

January 15, 2021


Consider a Mini-Split System!

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to exercise more? Whether you’re aiming to get in shape, drop a few pounds or just adopt a healthier lifestyle, restrictions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic might make your new goal extra challenging. This is one reason why many people are creating home gyms.

For many of us, this means transforming our basements, garages or other add-on space in our home into a workout space. But here’s the problem: When temperatures fluctuate outside, temperatures in these indoor spaces can, too. So how do you keep your workout space comfy?

Turn to the Coachella Valley’s trusted HVAC professionals! At Timo’s, we offer just what you need—the highly efficient ductless mini-split system! This amazing system delivers direct heating and cooling inside your home, so you’re always 100% comfortable. Plus, ductless means no air ducts are required, making it the ideal comfort solution for ductless rooms and add-on spaces.

While your initial system investment is more than a traditional furnace or AC system, rest assured you’ll reap the rewards of this high-efficiency comfort solution through these amazing benefits!

Leads to Significant Energy Savings—Every Month!

With a traditional furnace and AC system, you have no choice but to heat or cool your entire home—even the unoccupied rooms. That’s not the case with mini-split systems. This unit’s ductless nature gives you the flexibility to provide comfort only where you need it. This approach not only gives you more control over your comfort, it also significantly reduces your home’s energy waste, resulting in serious energy bill savings every month for years to come.

Secures Fresher, Cleaner Air for Healthier Living!

Because of this system’s ductless nature, heated and conditioned air doesn’t pass through your air ducts before entering your living space—which means you’re not on the other end of nasty dust, allergens and other harmful airborne particles that cling to the inside of air ducts. Preventing this gunk from entering your living space results in better IAQ—and easier breathing! Why does this matter? Because the quality of your home’s indoor air has a direct effect on your health!

Contact Timo’s to Make the Switch to a Mini-Split System Today!

Whether you’re looking to cool an added space in your home or trying to gain greater control of your overall comfort, a ductless mini-split system from Timo’s is a smart choice. At Timo’s, our NATE-certified technicians are experts in the installation, repair and seasonal maintenance of mini-split systems.

To schedule a mini-split installation or heating system replacement in Palm Springs, CA or nearby, fill out our online form or call us at 760.475.9542 today!

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