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Make the Holiday Season Less ‘Ruff’ for Your Pet

November 17, 2021


We’re ‘Paw’sitive These Tips Will Alleviate Stress

There’s so much to love about the holiday season. But houseguests, altered schedules and loud noises are three things that don’t make the cut. These disruptions to your normal routine are not only stressful for you, but they can stress out your pets, too!

So how do you make the holiday season less “ruff” for your furry friend? Start with securing a cozy home where temperature plays a major role in keeping both people and pets calm. This is how we can help! At Timo’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer the full menu of HVAC services Palm Desert, CA, residents need for a completely comfortable home where everyone can de-stress and unwind.

Carve Out a Safe Space for Your Pet

Easing your pet’s anxiety may require more than just a cozy home. When dogs and cats become overwhelmed, they tend to search for safe spaces where they can retreat. You can help create a safe haven that’s solely dedicated for your pet. Here are some tips:

  • Choose a spot that works for your pet. No one knows your pet better than you. So, when picking a retreat location, take your pet’s distinct preferences into account. Would he or she prefer an exclusive space where it’s easy to keep an eye on things? Or would a completely separate room far away from the action be better?
  • Make sure your pet has plenty of comfort items. What brings your pet comfort and enjoyment? Adding items such as his or her bed, favorite toys, fuzzy blankets and clothing that smells like you will instantly make this area or room feel like home for your pet.  
  • Pet-proof the area. Not only should you ensure your pet’s safe retreat is comfy, but also that it’s safe! Remove anything that could cause injury or harm if chewed or swallowed.
  • Ensure your pet has plenty of entertainment. Boredom can heighten anxiety. Provide your pet with activities and other sources of entertainment to avoid the boredom factor. For a dog, this includes things such as long-lasting chews, toys and food puzzles. For a cat, toys and a scratching post are musts!
  • Visit your pet often. This safe space isn’t intended as a daycare center for your pet. It’s supposed to help alleviate stress. But, if you leave your pet alone for too long, it can have the opposite effect. Make sure to visit often and give your pet breaks with play sessions or walks to prevent loneliness.

We’re Dishing Out Fast, Dependable Repairs!

Taking time to provide for your pet’s social, physical and emotional needs during the overwhelming holiday season can result in a less-stressed animal—and more peace of mind for you.

Unfortunately, all it takes to undo your de-stressing efforts is for your HVAC system to stop working like it should. If it does, don’t stress. We are only a call away! As the trusted HVAC contractor in Palm Springs, CA, and nearby, you can count on us to resolve your comfort issue quickly and reliably.

To schedule an HVAC repair or preventive maintenance service, give us a call at 760.475.9542 or fill out our online form today!

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