Celebrate National Service Dog Month

September 12, 2018


…With HVAC Tips for Pet Owners!

Dogs can be real lifesavers. Since 2009, service dogs (also known as guide dogs) have been recognized during September for the invaluable services they provide to those who struggle with physical and mental health challenges. Service dogs keep their owners safe and protected. So, September is dedicated to recognizing these animals for all that they do, which often includes risking their lives for their humans.

We know that responsible pet owners—especially those with service dogs—have great affection for their furry kids. From buying special toys and treats to calling Timo’s for air conditioning service in Palm Springs, CA, to keep your best buddy cool, nothing is ever too good for man’s best friend.

As we honor these amazing creatures this month and bring awareness to the entire service animal community, here are five little known facts about service dogs:

  1. Service dogs can be any breed.
  2. Service dogs assist people with a wide range of disabilities and challenges, including autism disorders, psychiatric conditions, allergies, diabetes, vision and hearing loss, seizures, mobility assistance and more.
  3. To be a service dog, the dog must undergo specialized training regarding the owner’s specific disability.
  4. They perform very specialized jobs designed to assist their human’s disability, including opening and closing doors, turning on and off lights, helping control seizures and alerting diabetics to blood sugar dips or spikes.
  5. Under the Americans With Disabilities Act, local governments and businesses that serve the public must allow service animals to accompany people with disabilities in all areas where the public is normally allowed.

Some Doggone Good Advice

Are you a dog owner? If so, we know you love your buddy like a true family member. To keep man’s best friend happy and healthy, we want to be sure you and your pet are living the best indoor life possible. Here are five important HVAC tips for pet owners:

  1. Bathe and groom your pet. Keeping your dog clean helps him stay comfortable and cuts back on the amount of hair and dander that can creep into your indoor environment.
  2. Change filters regularly. Keep those filters clean and change them often. Proper upkeep will improve your indoor air quality and the function of your HVAC.
  3. Clean your home regularly. Dusting and vacuuming are key chores if you have pets. Vacuuming will certainly keep excessive hair out of your intake vents and improve your HVAC performance.
  4. Fence off the outdoor unit. Keep your dog away from your outdoor unit. Urinating and scratching can cause corrosion and other damage.
  5. Invest in an indoor air purifier. Homes with pets can benefit greatly from an indoor air purifier. Cut back on pet smells and breathe cleaner air!

Fetch Some Cooler Air Now

Feeling like those dog days of summer will never end? Stop panting and call us before the end of September for air conditioning installation in Palm Springs, CA. We are currently offering $250 off a complete HVAC system to help keep you and your pets cool! Let our expert technicians help you lick the late summer heat!

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