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Are You Digging Your HVAC Unit’s Grave?

October 15, 2019


Learn the Haunting Signs Your System Needs a Repair

Ghosts, goblins and ghouls are scary. But do you know what’s even more terrifying? Coming face to face with a serious HVAC issue. If you find yourself in this frightening situation, the worst thing you can do is hide from the problem. The longer you wait to address your cooling or heating system’s issue, the scarier—and more costly—the problem will become.

Timo’s Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help you conquer your fears. Our team will protect you from the horror of comfort loss with our quick, reliable air conditioning and heating repairs in Palm Desert, CA.

If you spot any of the following spooky signs, contact us right away!

A Terrorizing Change in Energy Bills

From one billing statement to the next, your energy bills should remain relatively consistent. So, if you notice your energy bills are on the rise or have increased at an eerie rate, it means there’s a problem with your system that’s casting a wicked spell on its efficiency.

‘Un-BOO-lievable’ Temperature Differences

Do you notice inconsistent temperatures throughout your home? Although it might be tempting to blame roaming spirits for these hot and cold spots, the real evil presence could be your HVAC unit.

Here’s why your system could be causing chill-worthy temperature differences from room to room:

  • It’s improperly sized for your home.
  • Its air vents are blocked.
  • There’s faulty ductwork.
  • Its air filter’s dirty.
  • There are air leaks.
  • … And more!

Timo’s professionals can help you identify the exact reason why your system is causing these temperature inconsistencies.

Double, Double Toil & Trouble

Banging, bubbling, hissing and humming! If your unit is making creepy sounds, it’s best to turn to a professional. While it could be something minor, such as dirt and dust, it also could be a larger issue, such as a leak or low refrigerant levels. Listen for:

  • Banging or clanking: An internal part is loose, broken or knocked out of balance and it’s hitting other components.
  • Clicking: It’s normal to hear clicking when you turn your system on (or off). But if this sound continues, it means your system’s thermostat is failing and your comfort is in trouble. It’s also possible your system has an electrical issue. Continuing to operate your unit with a defective control is hazardous and unsafe.
  • Rattle: First, examine your system’s outside component to make sure sticks, branches or other debris aren’t lodged inside of it. If all is clear and the rattle remains, there’s either a loose part that’s moving around inside—or worse—your unit is deteriorating.
  • Hiss: This noise means one of your valves is malfunctioning or there’s an air leak in your ductwork or vents.
  • Screaming or high-pitched whistling: Watch out for these noises. Screaming or high-pitched whistling means something has gone terribly wrong. If it’s your air conditioner, it’s probably a refrigerant leak. Or, it could mean the pressure inside of your compressor is too high. Either situation is extremely hazardous. It’s vital that you turn off your unit immediately.

Scare Away Comfort Loss—Contact Timo’s Today!

Don’t let your blood run cold! Fill out our online form or call us at 760.475.9542 to schedule a heating repair in Palm Springs, CA before it’s too late!

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