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Rescue Your Comfort From the Dog Days of Summer

May 20, 2022


We’ve Unleashed AC Tips That Will Keep You Cool

Did you know that nestled between Mother’s Day and Memorial Day lies a little known “holiday” that true animal lovers enjoy celebrating each year? Celebrated on May 20, National Rescue Dog Day helps spread awareness about adopting dogs rather than shopping for them.

If you rescue a dog, whether it’s today or in the future, it’s important your house feels like home to them. And the temperature of your indoor space plays a major role with this, which is why Timo’s Air Conditioning & Heating will be your best friend. Whether you need a new system, maintenance service or an AC repair in the Coachella Valley, our fast and highly skilled team is dedicated to keeping “fur”ever homes forever comfy.

Here are four cool tips to keep your new pup cool while protecting that AC system, too:

1. Schedule an AC Tune-Up.

You knew we’d suggest this one! But at Timo’s, we can’t recommend enough the importance of an annual AC tune-up. Regular maintenance prevents potential breakdowns, reduces the need for repairs and saves money in the long run.

2. Invest in a Smart Thermostat.

Smart thermostats are the smartest way to keep your cool while helping you save money. Because they are “smart,” they learn your living patterns and can adjust your temperature settings according to when you’re sleeping, at work or lounging at home. You can also control them from your smart phone!

3. Change Your Air Filters.

Changing your air filters regularly will help boost your comfort, too. A dirty filter makes your system work overtime and doesn’t let it work at top efficiency. It’s especially important to change your filters if you have a dog! More dog hair in the home can make filters clog up. Changing them every three months offers the best comfort and the cleanest air.  

4. Clean Those Vents and Registers.

A new dog means lots of extra dog hair. And while the love our pets give us is 100% worth it, their dander and extra fur does require a bit more house cleaning. Vacuum those return vents and clean those registers to remove any dirt and hair. This allows for better airflow to keep everyone, even Rover, totally cool all summer long.

Does Your AC System Need Some Rescuing?

Don’t let the desert heat sneak up on your comfort this summer. Reach out to the licensed HVAC techs at Timo’s for all of your AC repairs, installations and air conditioning tune-ups in Palm Springs, CA, or nearby! We promise to deliver the doggone good service you deserve!

To get started, call 760.475.9542 or fill out our online form today!

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