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Grass-fed products are:

  • Environment-friendly: no antibiotics or concentrated feedlot waste seeping into the ground. Animals are raised humanely.
  • Good for your health: lower fat, high CLA levels. No hormones or irradiation. The right Omega 6:3 ratio - it's like fish without the mercury.
  • More and better flavors: something to consider - after all, taste is one of the reasons you eat.

The web site

I really like the web site: it is not just an online store; it provides a lot of information about health, in general and related to the products offered. I also love the fact that they thoroughly spell out their production protocol, where you find many “it’s good to know” items.

Now, this is important (at least to me)! I could not find anything in the protocol – probably because this is recent – about their policy on cloned meats. The FDA, who think of themselves as gods, and whom I do not trust, approved the sale of meats from cloned animals without any label to that effect. In other words, you could buy, say, a couple of New York steaks from cloned steers, but you would never know it because nobody is required to state that fact anywhere on the package. I don’t know about you, but I would like to know and have the choice to not purchase. I wrote to US Wellness inquiring about this; here is a quote, copied and pasted from their reply:

And, yes, you absolutely have our approval to say that we will not have any part of cloned animals. We do not agree with the FDA's decision to allow cloned meat to be sold without being labeled. The consumer has the right to know where their products come from. You will always know where your meat comes from when you buy from us!

So, now we have it in writing. I am satisfied.

My personal experience with these products

My son and I placed an order for seven different items. Two days later, it arrived in one box, well packed and still completely frozen.

Being a chef, having cooked tons of meat over the years, and knowing that grass-fed meat is leaner, I expected these meats to not be as tender. That turned out to be true in some of the items, but the difference was very slight. In all cases, the taste was excellent, but much cleaner that that of regular meats. And you know how you feel the morning after you pig out on red meat – but the morning after these meats, I might as well have had fish filets and salad the night before. If I can help it, I will no longer be buying meats from traditionally raised animals.

Worth noting about this little product test:

Flat ironsWe prepared the flat-iron steaks as pepper steaks with a cognac-cream sauce – sautéed medium-rare, sauce made from the pan drippings and scrapings. I love the way these steaks were cut, and they were as tender as any other flat-irons I ever had – and what flavor!!


Cheek meatThe beef cheeks were braised in red wine for about three hours and served on a bed of plain boiled fettuccine. You haven’t had a real beef stew until you do this. Next time, I am going to double the batch and make a by-the-book Boeuf Bourguignon, which will be better than the same thing in any French restaurant I know (and I know a lot of them).


US Wellness Rack of LambThe racks of lamb, actually cut like what restaurants serve as Saddle of Lamb, were truly amazing – we made noisettes out of one of them and a stock from the oven-browned bones, which served as the base for a white wine sauce with the dark stock and fresh tarragon. The other rack, we roasted on the bone, carved it at the table and ate it with the same sauce. This was unbelievable: this lamb was as tender as any I have ever had, the flavor was unmistakably pure lamb, but sooo clean! I could charge $75 a plate for this stuff and they would come back for more.

Are you a meat lover who wants something healthy? Order some now!


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